Gawker recently announced they’ll kill a myriad of sub sites including Jalopnik’s own Flight Club. This includes surprise layoffs within the organization. The focus for Kinja as an open blogging format will also be dropped. Kinja’d.

Despite months of highly public internal turmoil, Gawker has had a good year, financially. Which begs the question, why such upheaval at this time?

According to a memo by Gawker Media executive editor John Cook:

Today we are folding Gawker’s The Vane, Jezebel’s Millihelen and Kitchenette, Lifehacker’s Workshop and AfterHours, Jalopnik’s Flight Club, and Gizmodo’s Indefinitely Wild and Throb.


Nick Denton also has stated that:

On the technology front, we will no longer seek to develop Kinja as an open blogging platform, given the competition that exists from technology companies devoted entirely to that challenge. Work will continue, with full focus on improving the writer and reader experience on the seven media brands along with providing relevant advertising and story recommendations.


If you’re worried about existing sub blog content, its mostly the case that it will remain intact, but no longer be actively maintained or associated with one of the seven Gawker platforms.

As an example, there have been several old Jalopnik sub blogs that have dissolved but they still remain available to view.

And there may be others I can’t remember.