If Its Working Its Not Kinja
If Its Working Its Not Kinja
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What fiction-y thing should I write for Oppo?

I kind of regard myself as an author - I’ve written things here and there from complete inane BS to stuff that’s made the front page - but I’d also like to write some fiction. I’d like to have Oppo evaluate it and give me feedback (and a few Opponauts have sent me stuff that I still need to get to) BUT there are some questions I need to sort through that I need Oppo’s help on.

The first thing is that I want to preserve first publication rights which means I’ll probably have to write something from scratch that I don’t mind essentially not being paid for ever. And if I’m going to post it on Oppositelock, why not make it Oppo-related? I’ve got a lot of interesting ideas that are automotive-related - but that’s the problem. I feel that they’re so interesting, that I don’t want to risk losing my ability to sell them. So I’m kind of in a rather confusing conumdrum here of writing a story that’s both a good writing sample and yet not so interesting that I fear I lost out on potential sales dollars.


So I’m going to throw it out to Oppo to let you decide what I should write about. I’d like to keep it in the realm of creative non-fiction since there are plenty of real-life stuff out there that’s enough in the public domain that I’d probably not make a penny off it anyway.

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